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News 2020

BOAS Graduation 5/2-2020:


N UCH Mating Of The King Dante

N UCH SE UCH Martinez Original Du Champagne

Carte Truffe Zip Code To Chien Royal


Great results – all three graduated to 1 

Our new girl
Tessimira`s Etoile A Chien Royal
arrived 27/2-2020

She will live with
Linda Flesvik and Ketil Raaket

BOAS Graduation 5/3-2020


Mano Imperatorius Dancing Devil


Great result, he was graduated to 1

BOAS Graduation 23/5-2020


Chien Royal Grazieux Gwenaelle 


Great result, she was graduated at 1.

Int. Show 2/8-2020 NKK Fauske:


Sorcerer's Magic Dulo - BOS - CACIB 

Chien Royal Grazieux Gwenaelle  - CACIB 

Chien Royal Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Res CACIB 

Heedilia-legend Legende D L'Hermine  - BEST VETERAN 
judge: Marianne Holmli

Int. Show - NKK Norwegian winner show 2020

15/8-2020 at Lillehammer:

Heedilia-legend Legende D L'Hermine-

Norwegian Veteran vinner 2020 - BOB Veteran 

Mano Imperatorius Dancing Devil - 

Norwegian Veteran vinner 2020
Judge: Christian Geelmuyden 

Nat. Show 12/9-2020 Oppdal


Sorcerer's Magic Dulo - BOB - BOG 4

New Norwegian and Swedish champion 

Chien Royal Grazieux Gwenaelle - BOS

Tessmira's Etoile a Chien Royal - CAC 

Mano Imperatorius Dancing Devil - BEST VETERAN 


Judge: Wera Hubental

Group judge: Svein Helgesen

Nat. Show 13/9-2020 Oppdal


Heedilia-legend Legende D L'Hermine - BEST VETERAN

Int. Show 19/9-2020 NKK Tromsø 


Chien Royal Grazieux Gwenaelle - BOB - CACIB 

Tessmira's Etoile a Chien Royal - CAC

Chien Royal Intense Isabelle  - RES. CAC - 



Judge: Christine Sonberg

Nat. Show 10/10 - 2020 Førde


Chien Royal Grazieux Gwenaelle  - BOB 


Judge: Arne Foss

Puppies born 17/10 - 2020


5 males



Chien Royal Dizzy Miss Lizzy and

Tiny Tank Jp's Takelu

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